My Work Experience Blog – Daniel Chamberlain

Today’s blog post has been written by work experience student Daniel Chamberlain, who tells us about his week with us!

On my first day I arrived early and was introduced to volunteers and guided around. Then I went straight onto the Tunnel Tots boat where we sang nursery rhymes. Personally this wasn’t my thing, but I enjoyed going into the tunnels, looking at the caverns, and learning about how the mines were created and how the limestone was important. Next I was in the office were I did my Arts Award and drew my own picture. My picture represents going into the tunnel on a boat trip.

On my second day I arrived and was briefed on the Chit Chat club and I was introduced to the volunteers. Chit Chat club is for anyone who wants to come and join in the conversation. This brings the community together and you can talk about anything. I was talking to a man called Lee and I discussed my future career with him. He gave me tips on how to protect my back so I can do the job for longer and not have bad back problems. Also he discussed tips with me on how to get into a good apprenticeship and helped me think about my future. I was then working at the ticket office and the barriers. I helped to show people how to take a ticket to get through to the Black Country Living Museum.

On the third day I was with a school group who were taught about the Black Country in their workshop. I helped set up activities. I also learnt things from this like how the coal pushed its way to the surface to form hills. Then I was put on the towpath where I was taught to tie up the boat that were coming in and learnt how to set out the boats.

On day four I was on the shop and ticket office where I stocked up the shelves with new stock and then I broke down the boxes and got rid of them. Then I was in the office where I carried on with the Arts Award.

On my final day I was on the towpath where I was tying up the boats again and sending them off. Then I was on the shop where I was on the barriers and I was also stocking shelves. My experience with the Canal Trust was great with very friendly staff and volunteers I highly recommend it.