My Work Experience Blog – Daniel Weaver

Today’s blog post has been written by work experience student Daniel Weaver, who tells us about his week with us!


During the weak 17.7.17 to 21.7.17 I have been completing my discovery section of my arts award and I have done this by researching J M W Turner, looking at some canal ware in the shop, going on the Tunnel Tots, going on boat trips and looking at the tunnels and caverns on the trip and then I looked at the Waterside gallery.


When we were researching J M W Turner I were looking at some of his art then we researched him and found some info on him. When I was looking for canal ware we found some colour full canal ware in the Dudley Canal Trust’s shop. When I went on the Tunnel Tots there was lots of singing from the staff, the parents and the toddlers. When I went on the 45 minute boat trip I saw the Singing Cavern film showing how life started and evolved into humans digging out the limestone mines and the ride also showed how the mines were made and what the miners were doing down there. When I looked at the Waterside gallery I saw lots of different types of art and I chose my favourites which were hand-drawn canal locks and a painted image of New York.