My Work Experience Blog – Ellie Namani

Today’s blog post has been written by work experience student Ellie Namani, who tells us about her week with us!

Hello , my name is Ellie and I started my work experience on the 17th of July to the 21st of July .I found my week very interesting, I have learnt a range of different skills and I have really enjoyed my week here at Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust . I really enjoyed doing the Arts Award . Arts award is where you do a range of different activities e.g. looking at different types of art forms, writing about singing with the Tunnel Tots, which I did on Monday morning, also a range of different activities. There is one thing I really enjoyed on the Arts Award and that was finding out about JMW Turner’s picture about Dudley and what his connection was to Dudley. When I first heard about Arts Award I thought it was going to be just staying indoors but it isn’t, I have been on a boat and have taken pictures of the different types of tunnels and caverns. One of the activities we had to do is head on the towpath and take pictures of the boats on the towpath and I really enjoyed doing it.

We had to go in to the shop and explore to find some canal ware and find out who it was painted by. I found out that it was painted by Tim Yorke and I found that interesting as well. We also had to write a short piece about singing with tunnel tots that was part of the Arts Award. I took part in the school group who came on Thursday and they was so well behaved. I had to choose a work that was in the Open exhibition that other people had drawn.

I would recommend the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust to anyone that wanted to work here for work experience, I have really enjoyed it. I have loved working with the staff and volunteers, they have made me feel so welcome and if I could do this week all over again I would as I have loved every second of working here.