NCS: The Challenge – Our NCS Experience

This month we’ve been fortunate enough to host a group from the National Citizens Service programme ‘The Challenge’, which is aimed at giving life-changing experiences to 16-18 year olds. The young people completed a number of tasks with us, including writing a blog post about their day and creating some videos.

The following was written by some of the young people during their visit.

We are part of NCS. We came to the Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust to help out and we volunteered to come here.

While we were on our boat, at the start our team were expecting maybe an hour worth trip however at the end of the trip we were wanting to see a lot more such as the different canals leading to different areas in the Dudley borough.

Along the trip we were given a mini history lesson increasing our knowledge about the mines, the canal tunnels and how they were formed. We also found out how the Dudley Castle Hill and how Wrens Nest were formed. It was very interesting to learn all this information as most of us have lived in Dudley most of our lives.

– Ellie, Amiee, Rachel and Ayesha

We also asked them why they thought young people should visit us. They said this;

Come to Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust!

Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust is a charitable organisation that is run through volunteers and donations. Every donation made to the trust is non profitable as it always goes into improving the canal tours. Over the last few years the donations have allowed the Trust to improve their facilities such as a new welcome centre, a Biffa Award Gallery and the renovation of the canal tunnels. They are in need of volunteers to help them so I believe this is a good opportunity for young people to gain experience locally.

NCS Challenge Students

We’d like to thank all the young people for the enthusiasm and commitment they showed during their time with us. We hope they’ll visit us again soon!