People and Places exhibition at the Waterside Gallery

We are delighted to welcome back talented local artists Jacqueline Bradley and Hazel Gillard to the Waterside Gallery for their new exhibition: People and Places.

‘Much of our time is spent in going from one place to another, encountering an array of people; family, colleagues, friends and strangers’.

 ‘People and Places’ is a collection of our artwork depicting fond memories and vivid recollections of those places and moments in time as we pass between them.’

As a result, various landscapes are revealed, from the English countryside, coastlines, and places of local interest, all favourite subjects for Jacqui’s watercolours.

Hazel’s more intimate and human interest has people at its heart, and looks at family and home, hobbies, holidays and even TV characters!

Our interpretation was to represent ordinary people from all walks of life, and the connection between people and place. The resulting collection is rich in the diversity of its subject.

People and Places is free to visit from 10th January – 28th February and all artworks are for sale.