Teen Twitter Takeover Day 2016

This blog post was written for us by our teen twitterers!

On the 12th August 2016, we took part in Teen Twitter Takeover Day at Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust where we were given a range of different activities to do during the day and we video recorded what we were doing. During the day we were tweeting about the range of different activities that we were doing at the time.

Our day started when we were given a guided tour of the building so we got too see everything that there is there. For example, we went and saw the brand new restaurant and café that is near the main entrance within the new Portal building. Also we went and saw the exhibition centre which is where it tells you a brief introduction of the tunnels going through Dudley.

Nevertheless, we then went on the 11:00am boat trip which took us through the tunnels through Dudley. As we went through the tunnels, we were shown a short video clip of the history of all of the limestone that that was formed during millions of years. As we went through the tunnels, our skipper, Dave, was telling us about the history of them. Also some customers had a go at the legging too which is an old traditional method that was used years ago. There were many spectacular sights such as the light show in one of the many caverns here.

After this, we were given a safety demonstration of what volunteers do on the towpath which is by the canal side. For example, how to tie the boats up when they were docking back at the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust. This meant all the Canal Trust’s followers on Twitter could see what happens when we dock the boat up after the trip. Afterwards we had lunch in the restaurant where we had a selection of different meals such as a pizza or a sandwich.

Next, we were then asked to sort a range of different activities which would be competed one of the days by some school children. We also had a go ourselves which was enjoyable!

Finally, we were asked to provide a selection of different videos which we filmed during our day at the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust and compiled on too one video on too one video on YouTube. The video is here:

Thank you to Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust for letting us do this.