Tying the Knot: Chit Chat talk with Traci Dix-Williams

Tying the knot

Wedding Traditions and Quirks with Traci Dix- Williams

Chief Executive, Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust


With the Royal Wedding fast approaching Traci has been enlightening us on the origins of wedding traditions in her Chit Chat talk.

We were whisked back to Victorian high society with courting rituals, lucky veils and enormous cakes!

Of course, before the wedding there is the courtship. Traci showed us an example of a gentleman selling what he could offer a future wife and we were rather impressed! His offer included invitations to balls, champagne, cheesecakes, as well as a regular supply of flowers.

After the lady was suitably impressed and a courtship was sealed, then came the proposal! Traci explained the origins of bending down on one knee. Apparently men were worried that in the event of a proposal women may get ‘fluttery’ and not fully understand what was happening! Bending on one knee was a clear gesture to make sure the proposal was a proposal!

Then comes the wedding plans and Traci showed us some of superstitions that form wedding traditions that we still have today. Brides would borrow a veil from a lucky bride and that would be the most important lucky piece of clothing on the big day. We were quite surprised to learn that shoes were also considered lucky, as well as a symbol of fertility. The lucky bride would have shoes thrown at her for good luck!


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