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We’re very excited to announce our newest project: Virtual Worlds!

Following a successful pilot project in 2018, we’re launching Virtual Worlds in 2019. We’re putting out the call for any 16 – 18 year olds interested in digital technologies to come along and get involved for the chance to develop their digital skills and create VR video, images and more with us. We’re also offering the chance to earn an Arts Award Bronze qualification for taking part. Sounds interesting? Read on for more information!

What will I be doing?

Together, we’ll be exploring new digital technologies to create media that tells some of our stories. We’ll be starting by using our 360 video cameras to create VR films, but as time goes on we’ll be working with GoPro style cameras, bullet-time technology and more to tell stories in new and interesting ways. That means you’ll get to learn how to use the technology, do some writing, directing, filming and editing, as well as acting, costume design and more if you want to. It’s your choice if you want to be in front or behind the cameras, or both! The work the group creates will be shared via our social media and digital channels, so you can easily share it with your friends and family if you want to.

What stories will we be telling?

That’s up to the group! We’ll decide together what media we’ll be creating, with our staff and volunteers supporting you along the creative journey. Our stories will be drawn from the themes that our charity focuses on, such as geology, waterways, ecology, industrial history, social history and more. We promise there’s definitely something in there to interest anyone!

What’s the cost?

Taking part in Virtual Worlds is completely free. Thanks to a generous grant from Arts Connect we’re able to offer a number of Bronze Arts Award moderation fees free to young people who sign up at the start of the project too! We even provide squash and biscuits at meetings. And we’ve got free WiFi you’re welcome to use whilst you’re on site!

When and where is Virtual Worlds happening?

Meetings take place once a month from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, on either a Monday or Wednesday evening (we’ve put all our 2019 dates below for you so you can check them against your diaries). You don’t have to be able to come every week, though we know you’ll get more from the project if you do, and you’ll need to come to most if you want to achieve your Bronze Arts Award. Meetings will be in our Portal building’s learning room, postcode DY1 4SB.

Our first meeting will be on Monday 29th April. Other meetings will be on Wednesday 29th May, Monday 24th June, Wednesday 31st July, Wednesday 28th August, Monday 30th September, Wednesday 30th October and Monday 25th November. Depending what the group want to film we might arrange the occasional additional session for filming purposes; if we do they’ll be agreed with the current project participants at the time.

What’s a Bronze Arts Award?

Arts Award is a series of qualifications that young people (up to 25 years) can earn for participation in creative activities. They’re offered at a range of levels from Discover through to Gold, each more involved than the last. Bronze Arts Award is right in the middle of the scale. To earn the award, young people will take part in arts activities, learn creative skills and be involved in passing them on to others. Usually there is a cost to submit your work to earn your Arts Award, but thanks to a grant from Arts Connect, we’ll be able to offer a number of young people the chance to gain this qualification for free. We’ll be talking more about what you’ll need to do to earn the award at our first session, but if you’ve got questions before then just get in touch. You don’t have to complete the award to take part in Virtual Worlds – think of it as an added extra!

Do I need to know about film / VR / history / something else to take part?

No prior knowledge is required! Just enthusiasm for creating media, an interest in learning about new technology and a creative outlook. And probably a love of biscuits!

How do I sign up?

You’ll need to be aged 16 – 18 to sign up (you’re welcome to stay involved after you’ve turned 19). You or your parent / guardian need to send us an email to letting us know you’d like to come along. We’ll send you back a really short form to fill in, then when you’ve returned that you’re done! We’ll look forward to seeing you at our first session on Monday 29th April.

If you know of a young person aged 16-18 who’d like to get involved with Virtual Worlds, send them this page and tell them to get in touch! Spaces are limited and will be allocated in the order that people apply, so don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this exciting digital project.

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