5 Amazing Experiences Not to Miss When You Visit

We often get phone calls here in our office from people who’ve never been on one of our boat trips before, or even visited our Portal building. A common question we get from new visitors is ‘what is there to do there?’ so we thought we’d highlight a few of our most favourite things to do on a visit underground. Even if you’ve been to us before, maybe you’ll find a new favourite!

1. Have a look up the Eyeful Tower

A beautiful calcite formation in one of the ventilation shafts used to build the tunnels, the Eyeful Tower as we know it lives up to its name in more ways than one if it’s been raining recently!

2. Enjoy a Skipperman’s Salad in the Gongoozler

Never mind a Ploughman – here we serve up lunch for a Skipperman, a Bargeman and a Lock Keeper. And don’t worry about being too healthy; all our salads come with a few cheeky chips.

3. Leg it down the tunnel

It’s an ancient art and we’d love you to have a go. Make sure you bring your sturdy walking shoes – and ladies, you might want to opt for trousers instead of a skirt, though we’ve had people do it in heels and a dress in the past!

4. Discover the rebels who saved the tunnel from demolition

There’s an amazing story to uncover in our Biffa Award Gallery, about some teenage lads who found an abandoned canal tunnel and started a movement to save it from closure despite the will of the government of the day. It’s a drama worthy of an Oscar-winning film!

5. Stumble across the next Van Gogh

Our Waterside Gallery spaces are home to a rotating programme of local community exhibitions, featuring artwork and photographs from enthusiastic amateurs right up to proper professionals. Most of our art works are available to buy and take home on the day, with some amazing bargains to be had.

Got something to add to the list? Give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or by email to let us know your top tips!