Forging a Future For All in Dudley

Today’s post has been written for us by Traci Dix-Williams, our Chief Executive, and is all about Dudley Council’s plans for the future.

Every day we hear more about the exciting initiatives which are coming into the region and see how Dudley and Tipton are going to have so much more to offer its residents, its workforce and also the visitors to the region.

Here at Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust we are really pleased to be a part of the Dudley Borough Vision – Forging A Future for All which is recognised through seven aspirations;

  • An affordable and attractive place to live with a green network of high-quality parks, waterways and nature reserves that are valued by local people and visitors
  • A place where everybody has the education and skills they need, and where outstanding local schools, colleges and universities secure excellent results for their learners
  • A place of healthy, resilient, safe communities with high aspirations and the ability to shape their own future
  • Better connected with high quality and affordable transport, combining road, tram, rail, and new cycling and walking infrastructure
  • Renowned as home to a host of innovative and prosperous businesses, operating in high quality locations with space to grow, sustainable energy supplies and investing in their workforce
  • A place to visit and enjoy that drives opportunity, contributing to its ambitious future while celebrating its pioneering past
  • Full of vibrant towns and neighbourhoods offering a new mix of leisure, faith cultural, residential and shopping uses

As a heritage attraction we are invested in the role play in creating a great place to visit and enjoy but as a vibrant part of the community we can see links with our offer across all the aspirations. We are dedicated to keeping the waterways of the region open and navigable and having people engage with them. We do this by offering trips but also by organising work parties for clean ups, attending local canal events and undertaking maintenance projects.

Our education program grows year on year as we find fun and creative ways to teach people about our geology, the natural and industrial history of the area and by relating the stories of the people who lived and worked on the canal to what you experience today.

We offer a range of community activities and free trips which are available for everyone to enjoy, be it socialising over a cup of coffee at our Chit Chat Club or jumping aboard for a light-filled trip during our Festival of Light day.

With our free moorings travelling to the region by canal boat is a great way to see the area and enjoy all the attractions on offer.

We are a business which has invested in our offer, building a new entrance complex, extending our boat trips and improving our caverns, this is just the start of what we plan to do over the coming years.

At Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust we were formed by the local community and we have always striven to support and be a part of it. We do this by making our resources available to others, supporting local groups and offering opportunities to them to develop new skills, make new contacts and have a place where a friendly welcome is guaranteed.

We are really looking forward to seeing how each of the aspirations develop and are very excited to be working with everyone involved in them.