New exhibition from Kidderminster College’s ‘Painting for pleasure’ Art Group

Running in the Portal’s Waterside Gallery from 20th January to 6th March, ‘Painting for Pleasure’ Art Group’s exhibition is a varied and vibrant mix of artworks.

The group meets for weekly sessions at St. Cecelia’s Church in Kidderminster.

John Fox began to teach the group in 2006 when he retired from teaching. Over the years the group has become quite an accomplished set of artists, working in a variety media including pastel, watercolour, acrylic, oils and pencil crayon.

The students, whose work is displayed in this exhibition, love the opportunity to have a designated period of time each week to devote to their work. Some class this as their “me time” and enjoy the fact that they can work undisturbed for the two hour session. We have a refreshment break where they look at each other’s work and make positive criticism of their peers’ efforts.

It has always been John’s intention to avoid teaching in the formal sense but to act as an ‘enabler’. This allows individuals to choose what kind of work they wish to do and he can then advise them as to the best media to use and encourage, facilitate, and demonstrate ways of achieving their desired outcomes. The group has carried out two highly successful exhibitions and John feels strongly that it’s important that the students have the chance to display their work.

The exhibition is free to visit and many artworks are for sale. Prices range from £25 – £85.