Volunteer Blog – ‘What I Do’ by Jon Ball

I work at the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust in the office of the Portal building. I do Graphic design, creating posters and other printed material for the notice board and sometimes for use in outside advertising. This also involves doing odd jobs around the office and the rest of the building such as setting up the signs and blackboard in the main entrance area.

I have also helped with some of the spreadsheets such as the Visitor evaluation sheet where we’ve collated the information left on the flyers in the Exhibition Hall. Other data I collate is the postcode consortium which is a spreadsheet containing the postcodes of anyone who has ordered tickets for boat trips. This is so the Canal Trust can see where their advertising has been the most effective and also where more advertising might be advantageous.

I enjoy my work at the Canal Trust and feel like I’ve gelled really well with the other office staff. I’m pleased with the work I have produced and look forward to doing more work with the Trust in the future.

29 November 2016