A Unique Way To Experience History

At 3,154 yards/2,888 meters the Dudley Tunnel is the second longest navigable canal tunnel in the UK and it played a central role in improving transport to and from the area and thus helped facilitate the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Completed around 1791 it was used extensively to transport limestone from Lord Wards mines under Castle Hill.

Due to height restrictions access to the Dudley Tunnel is by a tow through service only.

Please contact Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust (with a minimum of 48 hours notice) to request further details, as your boat will need to be gauged (measured) before you can enter the tunnel.

Tow Through & Legging

If suitable your boat will be towed by our experienced skippers or escorted if you want to try “legging”. The service is free of charge but please be aware that restrictions do apply. It will take you about two and a half hours to leg through the tunnel but be aware there are parts where the tunnel may be too wide and you will need to shaft the boat at these points. Not all boats are suitable for legging – our skippers will make the final decision once they have gauged your boat.

  • All boats MUST be gauged by a member of DCTT staff.
  • Boats must NOT be purposely ballasted down.
  • Boats and passengers must comply with Waterways Regulations.
  • Passage is via a free towing service or escorted during legging.
  • All crew must adhere to the instructions of the DCTT Skipper.
  • Be aware of the restricted dimensions of the tunnel – DCTT cannot be held liable for any damage whilst offering this service.
Paddle Sports

Why not do something different and paddle your way through the Dudley Tunnel? Whether it be via canoe, kayak, paddle board or raft, you can enjoy an extra special escorted trip with us.