Protecting our Amazing Waterways

Protecting Our Amazing Waterways   Here at Dudley Canal and Tunnel we are pleased to work closely  with Canal and River Trust to ensure the ongoing engagement, care and preservation of our amazing waterways. Check out their website to find out about all the great work they are doing.   Canal [...]

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy The protection of private and sensitive data held by businesses is one of the most regulated issues in the business sector. Organisations who fail to protect the data they use can find themselves in trouble with the law, facing significant fines and even imprisonment. The risk to [...]

Annual Review 2021

ANNUAL REVIEW 2021  Welcome to our 2022 Annual Review. As you will see we have had a challenging year but this has also brought many rewards. We have been able to stay open thanks to support from many areas, this has allowed us to protect jobs and the historic environment as [...]

Annual Review 2021

  Welcome to our 2021 Annual Review.  As you will see it has been a challenging but also rewarding time here at the Trust. Thanks to support we have been able to stay open and operating as well as completing a range of projects on our site.   2021 Annual Review […]

Mapping the Landscape Report

Mapping The Landscape at the Dudley Canal and Tunnels Trust Mapping the Landscape at the Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust Report     At the start of 2021 Dudley Canal and Caverns began an ambitious project to use latest digital technology and expertise to fully map its above-ground, under-ground and under-water [...]

Family Friendly Manifesto

FAMILY FRIENDLY MANIFESTO At the Heart of What we do Children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - the whole family can enjoy a fun a day out with us here at Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust. As part of this commitment we're signed up to the Kids in Museums Manifesto, which [...]


ARCHIVES Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust Archive Department Through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers we have an amazing digitised collection charting the history of the Trust but also the history of the wider area. Our collection is predominantly about the Canals in and around the West Midlands but [...]

History Of The Tunnels

HISTORY History of the Tunnels 1775 Work began on Lord Dudley and Ward’s branch canal from the Birmingham Canal to his Tipton Colliery and a 250-yard tunnel to his limestone mines under Castle Hill. 1776 2nd April - Separate Acts for the Stourbridge Canal and Dudley Canal were passed by Parliament. [...]

Historic Boats

HISTORIC BOATS Bittell Stewarts & Lloyds Limited commissioned two new tugs from Yarwoods at Northwich, Cheshire who in 1934 built the hulls for tugs Number Four and Number Five. The cabin of Number Five was put on by Harris boat builders at Bumblehole, Netherton, Worcestershire soon after; it’s probable that Number [...]