Upholding the Legacy of our Founders


Preserve and develop this unique environment and engage the wider public with it to ensure it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of future generations.


A charitable Trust with twin aims.

  • Preserving, Developing and Safeguarding the Mines, Tunnels, Caverns and Waterways of this unique environment.
  • Educating and engaging all with its 428 million years of history.
Values/Strategic Aim

We see three strategic themes for us as a business, People, Operational Confidence & Efficiency and Sustainability. All of our plans, our actions and our development will be targeted to these areas and they will guide all within the organisation.


Strategic Aim 1
Put our visitors at the heart of everything we do

Strategic Aim 2
Invest in our greatest assets our team.

Strategic Aim 3
Be a vibrant part of the community.

Operational Confidence & Efficiency

Strategic Aim 4
Be resilient, creative and adaptable.

Strategic Aim 5
Operate to the safest levels and be an exemplar for the underground experience.

Strategic Aim 6
Be forward looking and thinking and embrace opportunity and new ways of working.


Strategic Aim 7
Safeguard and engage with the unique environment we care for

Strategic Aim 8
Raise our Profile and Identity

Strategic Aim 9
Be financially aware, protect our assets and use our resources well